Pubs & Bars In New York

New York City is a nightlife capital, with some of the best bars in the country clustered around bustling neighborhoods like the East Village and Williamsburg. Whether you favor craft brews or serious cocktails; abeer-and-shot special or a transporting glass of wine, NYC has a game-changing bar to slake your thirst. At last count, New York City has somewhere between 1500 – 1800 bars in operation at any given time. With statistics of that caliber, it’s incredibly difficult natch, pretty much impossible to declare top list of the best watering holes in the boroughs.

From dive bars like Bar 169 in Chinatown and American Trash on the Upper East Side, to swanky hotspots like Mulberry Project in Little Italy and The Wren on Bowery, provide you with a guiding light to explore a particular neighborhood by way of a well-respected bar that’s earned its stripes. While in no way inclusive of all of the bars deserving of this title, these  stand out for their ability to hold a crowd, dazzle with delicious cocktails, or simply to keep entertained with bar games when grow tired of chatting with friends.

Say what you want about NYC’s dwindling club scene, but the fact remains: the Big Apple is still the nightlife epicenter of America and possibly the world. In our quarterly update, check out new bars, lounges and brewpubs that are currently burning things up with killer cocktails, craft beers and more.

Somewhere in New York City, there’s a bar and a drink with your name on it. The choice is endless: places you go to with friends and places you go to meet new ones. There are bars for breaking up in, and bars for breaking down in. There are dive bars, swill bars and speakeasies. Your glass will runneth over.

Caledonia Bar
At Caledonia Bar their facility are –
1. There is no such thing as a best whisky, the best whisky is the one you love the most. Your job is to hunt this whisky down
2. Five percent off for Tinder dates, you need to prove it by showing us your initial awkward messages
3. No credit card minimum, but if you keep swiping your card all night you are wasting paper, killing

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 The Houndstooth Pub
Houndstooth Pub prides itself on the best in Gastropub cuisine combined with friendly and helpful service. They consider this the perfect combination for your corporate event or just hanging out after work. As owners of Stitch, voted Best After-work Bar by, the know what it takes to ease

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Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant
Pour the freshly brewed black espresso right into a mug. In a separate glass, mix the Irish whiskey with the sugar. Combine till absolutely dissolved after which pour the sweetened whiskey into the espresso. Lastly, delicately pour the whipped cream over the again of a spoon into the espresso whiskey combined

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